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Wooden Circle (2012)

Wooden Circle

"This is back-porch psychedelia like the last two Woods albums. It's strung-out folk. It's spare and sometimes despairing like Big Star's Sister Lovers...Maybe if this had been released on a private pressing in 1974 Light In The Attic would have picked it up...As it is, it's a pretty special artefact" Ben, Did Not Chart, London UK

"...a hazy acoustic outing with an intimate smoke layered on top of their back-porch psych and folk pop...There’s that rustic, sort of ethereal West Cost aura that probably doesn’t exist in real life, but gets conjured up when needed." Kevin McFadin, Sunrise Ocean Bender Richmond VA USA

"Recorded at home mainly on 4-track or 8-track, the songs combine lo-fi pop, psych, American folk, and off-kilter experimentation...Church of Bitter Souls is brilliant DIY psych-pop combining murmuring vocals and ultra-melodic instrumentation..." Kim Harten, Bliss Aquamarine, UK Midlands

"...everything you could ever want from a psychedelic lofi, garage rock band...the album itself appears to clearly grow, from the beginning to the end. With each track, a new sort of dynamism emerges"
Cliff Drake Dissociative Identity, WKDU Philadelphia, WBRS Boston

"We also have what appear to be some quite electrifying bursts of dentist drill fuzztone on the guitars, and this, meanwhile, is contrasted with an air of the lazy daisies, all laid back, heavy-lidded and tranquil..." Lenny Helsing, Shindig Happening, UK

"Their music could be loosely termed as psychedelic, though a stronger sense of melancholy and warm reminiscence carries through their music giving it a somewhat more human and less psychoactive quality that makes it instantly endearing." Alan Bragg, Aural Innovations, Columbus, OH USA

"A marvelously idiosyncratic pip" " Joe Wawrzyniak, Jersey Beat, Weehawken, NJ

New Swing Mood Things/Two At Noon (1992, reissued 2015)

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"...hints at acoustic Rain Parade or early Dream Syndicate (when Kendra was around), and is lazy enough to call up Nikki Sudden as well...One to lie on the roof to” Rob Forman, ND 6; Austin, TX (1992)

"This is a home-recorded duo dabblin’ in the moody rock sphere mined by bands like American Music Club. Mud Pie is sorta low-fi, but sometimes the arrangements and sound are dead on and amazing for 4-track recordings...Plus, there’s a Jacobites cover!" Larry Crane (now Tape Op editor) File 13 #15; Concord, MA (1992)

These Days (1991)

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Really amazing lazy guitar based pop music on this band's 3rd tape. "Sister Lovers", "Kaleidescope World" & "Fakebook" are all good reference points but these guys are hardly derivative. Everything one could ask for is here - no pretension, great songs, some nice production touches, and a 4-track recording to keep it simple. Truly inspirational. Rob Forman, ND 5, Austin TX

"Drug-addled, demagoguery, demented, dire, dependent, doom-laden - anything starts with D, Dream Syndicate...uh...dull?? Nah, with the right hootch, it would sound delightful...I'm bored but mud pie? I'd eat one just to get high!!" Bob Fay & Lou Barlow, Cut #12, Norwich CT.

Rustle (1990)

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"Mud Pie are an auto smash between a Morris Minor loaded with the solo recordings of Syd Barrett & a souped-up Dream Syndicate at their most experimental hot-rod." Nigel Cross, Unhinged #9; Calne, Wiltshire UK

Many have no doubt been asking "where's the American answer to all the marvelously idiosyncratic home four-track thinking that flows from the islands of New Zealand?" Devault, Pa., a town much closer to Philadelphia than Stockton is to San Francisco, gives us Mud Pie..."
Bob Bannister, On Site #10, New York, NY

""your album is unique and very eserterric. I HAVE NEVER AUDITIONED ANY PIECE OF MUSIC MORE ORIGINAL." Joey Welz, "The Boogie Woogie King of Rock and Roll", Bill Haley's Comets, Link Wray. Lititz, PA